Camagüey breathes air of festivity in June

By María Antonia Pérez Mota / Journalism student

June, 2019.- Santa María del Puerto del Principe founded on February 2, 1514, today Camagüey, boasts the largest preserved colonial center in the country, offering city dwellers and visitors numerous buildings with significant architectural and historical-cultural values.

Who is not accustomed to hear the sound of the bells in Camagüey, characterized by its catholic temples, known as the city of the churches, proud to maintain its legends and traditions.

One of the most popular customs is the picturesque San Juan Camagüeyano accompanied by costumes, congas, floats and horseback riding; from June 24th to the 29th Camagüey breathes the air of festivity.

The celebrations of the San Juan mark the splendor of the culture of the region, they are shown as western inheritance that since the 19th century acquires a marked Creole character.

The revelry begins with the Reading of the Bando, a custom that is still maintained in order to guide the regulation and establish the bases of order and behavior.

The San Juan culminates with a ceremony that attracts the masses, which begins with a congas walk and proceeds to the burial of San Pedro, a tradition that involves the burning of an allegorical doll to the saints.

The city of the tinajones is decorated to receive it in style, the town welcomes and enjoys its distinctive festival that organizes musical groups every year and captivates foreigners, which allows not to forget the roots. (Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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Author: Radio Camagüey

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